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Gail Kelly

Hello Barry,
What a Wonderful, Beautiful Greeting, I got from Gary and Sue. That Girl deserves a Promotion And a Pay Rise. Gary is Such a Gentleman And A Beautiful And Lovely Man. Our Meal was Perfect. I had 4 Chefs at my Party And they all told me what a Wonderful Meal they had And really enjoyed it. ( Probably Because They didn’t have to do anything And all they had to do, was sit back and enjoy themselves.)  The Finger Food Was Superb As was the Main Meal. I Forgot Tea And Coffee. All my guests Thoroughly Enjoyed their Meal And The Service. Now, They Snuck Away, under the Cover of Darkness, without My being able to Thank them. I would like to Thank them both now, Most Sincerely, for their Outstanding Work, their Smiling Faces, their Willingness to Please everyone there. I finished up being around 20 Down On Numbers 4 Children were Sick. A good Lot of my Family came Down fro Dalby and Kingaroy. So, in View Of the Bush Fires, The Girls came And the Men stayed home, to protect the Farms. I had a Wonderful Night and Thoroughly Enjoyed Myself As did my Guests. The Grape Vine Talk is slowly coming in How Everyone Had a Great Night And Wonderful Reports Of the Night. Once Again, Thanking You, for my Birthday Catering And Thank You, for The Lovely Kiss On the Cheek, That was Passed on And Given to me From Sue. Thank You For My Kiss. Thank You, For Sending me Two Beautiful People to do the Catering for me. Splendid, Just Splendid. I can’t thank you All Enough. I Wish You All, A Very Merry Christmas, A Happy And Exciting New Year.
Thanking You
The Birthday Girl
Gail Kelly.

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